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Activating Datasets for use without geofencing

There are two ways to expose BPS data to a traveller.  

OPTION 1. by providing a geofence to the data

OPTION 2. by activating the dataset to a specific device.

One of the two options is required as, without the features, any change to the database would be exposed to the tens of thousand Bsq users globally, affecting the transfer of data for beacons that will never be used.  (ie, a database for a campus in Washington DC being downloaded to a traveller in China ..no apparent benefit)


This is the default deployment.  When the BPS is configured at time of setup the campus location, expressed as Latitude and Longitude (Lat/Long) is recorded along with a radius around this centroid.   When the traveler enters or exists in this radius, data associated is download to the device.  Any transaction between the traveller and the data is local, on the device.

If the traveller is outside of the geofence (as defined by lat/log/radius), the data is not available.

OPTION 2 - Data access by using Activation Code

Irrespective of geography, a dataset can be associated to a device.  This provides total portability of beacons and related data for devices that have been ACTIVATED using this feature.

ACTIVATION is performed on the device by following a supplied link.  The link will connect the device to the data.  The connection is not bound by geography nor time.

The link (ACTIVATION URL) is supplied by MIPsoft. The link can be forwarded in any manner (SMS/EMAIL/Website/other) and and used on one or multiple iOS devices that have BlindSquare onboard.  The link has no effect elsewise.

The process calls for BlindSquare to be running on the device, the link is followed, exit and reload BlindSquare.  Data is then downloaded to the local device.  

the link takes the form of a supplied URL, the dataset name, a single control parameter.  

for example: "blindsquare://activate?datasetname=1", where "datasetname" is exactly as provided by MIPsoft, and where "=1" is to Activate and "=0" to Deactivate

for BlindSquare Event the activation key is "bsevent://activate?datasetname=1" with the same syntax as above.


With either option: Whenever BlindSquare is loaded it will automatically check the server to validate data versions in use.  If there has been an update, the new dataset will be downloaded, when complete operations continue.  If there has not been an update, no download will result, operation continues.   The time to download is measured in seconds.